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Full Wi-Fi Speeds and Signal Everywhere!

For your home or office in Gauteng.

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Connect all your Devices

no more Dead Spots and slow Wi-Fi Connectivity

We are not an Internet service provider and do not install internet into homes.
We extend the existing Wi-Fi in your home into areas that have no signal (Wi-Fi Dead Spots).

Complete Wi-Fi Connectivity
Complete Home Coverage

Network Cabling

Full Speeds over Wi-Fi Beyond 500Mbps

Media Streaming

Fibre Friendly Networking

5.0 150 – 5 star reviews

We Guarantee full Wi-Fi Speeds and Signal throughout.

5.0 150 – 5 star reviews
  • High-speed switches, routers and access points
  • Full home high-speed Wi-Fi coverage
  • Optimization of fibre to the home and 5G internet
  • Network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Installation of Cat5e and Cat6 ethernet cables
  • Long distance point-to-point networking solutions

Your Questions, Answered.

Media Town offers FREE Site Surveys in which our Technicians will come to your house at an arranged date and time, so that we can survey your home together with you and test the speed and Wi-Fi signal strength in all parts of your home.

ADSL hardware is not sufficient for handling your new fibre internet speeds and bandwidth. They are an outdated technology suitable for speeds far lower than what fibre provides. To take full advantage of your high fibre speeds, newer hardware is required.

We are specialists in Wi-Fi and Networking field. Our technical team is always happy to assist our clients, but often the issue might be related to your ISP or Fibre Network company. If it’s a Wi-Fi signal or speed issue, we will be able to assist you, otherwise your ISPs will be able to assist you further. If you don’t know if you’re having speed problems, we suggest doing a speed test and checking your router specs for dual band 5Ghz support.

Our FREE Site Surveys are intended for our technicians to get a better understanding of your home’s unique needs, so that we can come up with the best solution to boost your Wi-Fi to all the areas that you need it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our Wi-Fi products range from high and mid-level PoE and/or Dual Band solutions to entry-level powered solutions.

High Speed Wi-Fi and Networking Solutions
for homes, residential developments and corporate offices across Johannesburg

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5.0 150 – 5 star reviews
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